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This page is where my blog is but it is also where you will be able to find the incredible beta web site that John Rausso put together for the Hollywood Jam'in Jellies manufactured by Barbara and Kenny Macaluso. See if you can find the hidden links it : )

This page is also kind of a hodgepodge but it has more cool links that the rest of the site, so sit down, settle back and enjoy!

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Click above for George Jay's unexpergated blog. It gives you some idea of what's been going on in my world.

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Great Links

Here are a couple of radio links for you to check out.

See whats going on in radio--and what went on in radio, to make it themost influential medum in history--including television. Need I mention the conservative wonks who started out on the air waves before television got wind of the trend!


Kent Burkhart saw that I got hired at WLAC in Nashville. They had taken Randy's Record Mart off the air and were replacing it with an all-night show. I was to sign on with Pat Reilly and Dick Kent. It was a year I will never forget working in Nashville, Tennessee on the #1 radio station there. Nothing is more real that a live public appearance when your fans see in person the voice they have been listening to. Magic!

I think I met John Rook once but my life seemed to skim around his energy. I talked to him at WGCL but then on the phone in Chicago as we were dismanteling the original WICV. A citizen's committee had blocked the station from going on the air as it would have replaced the oldest FM station in the USA, WEFM. I worked for Lee Abrams who was 18 at the time. I was 20. Rook kept me grounded. I would call him and he would give me advice, like: make sure you have a 3-5 year plan. I kept going...

Thanks for friending me Robert W. the other guys were programmers, you were on the air, in the trenches every day making the research, promotion, and radio magic happen.


The two guys below have single handedly practically voiced the entire promo world of United States.

I am taken by their great talent, extraordinary, loving upbringing and the positive attitude you cannot feign--but which is prevelant in radio--and which you can buy!





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